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De Nieuwe Yoga School

17 Nov / 19 Nov 2017 De Nieuwe Yoga School, Amsterdam

The 4th Annual weekend of Yoga with David


Friday Nov 17th from 19.00 – 22.30

19 – 21h

Side Bending and Twists: Clearing Digestion and Lower back problems

Our bodies move in very special and powerful ways, however, we spend much of our time moving just up and down and forwards and back. This Vinyasa class will take you through various Asanas focusing on opening and lengthening the sides of your body with intention, and twisting along the central axis of the spine to release tension and pressure in the lower back. With the space created through these postures, the digestive organs of the belly will be massaged and opened leading to a feeling of freedom in the center of the body.

~All Levels Welcome~ Including Beginners


21:15 – 22:30h

Kirtan Ecstatic Mantra Chanting



Saturday Nov 18th from 16.00 – 19.00

Hips & Lower Back; A Yin & Yang Perspective

This all level Therapeutic approach to Yoga Therapy will include theory, anatomy, application and self-exploration for the hips and Lower back. Expect some active and relaxed poses to learn about range of movement, possible complications and how to approach keeping the hips healthy and happy.


Sunday Nov 19th from 16.00 – 19.00

Move with Groove

~ All Levels Vinyasa Flow Yoga with David’s Mindful Spirited Teaching and Kareem Raïhani’s perfectly melodic and rhythmic music.


All Registration goes contact:   De Nieuwe Yoga School


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