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Svaha Yoga

8 Jun / 9 Jun 2017 Svaha Yoga, Amsterdam

I would not  / could not miss a year at Svaha!

Thursday night Masterclass 17:30 -19:30 / Downtown Studio

 The Gayatri in Action: Being in the Right Place at the Right Time

This special Vinyasa practice will begin with a musical meditation on The Gayatri Mantra, one the

world’s oldest prayers. Then we will experience the Gayatri’s powerful message through an all

levels Mindful Spirited Vinyasa practice that integrates the teachings of the Mantra as well as

teaches the words to this divine mantra.

-Open to all levels of students

Friday daytime Workshop 13:30-15:30 at Downtown Studio

 Pranayama – Directing the Life Force Within

Just as the weather is governed by the wind carrying changes, our internal ‘winds’ have a

powerful effect on the state of being. This workshop involves preparatory postures followed by a

series of various breathing techniques to initiate “the winds of change” on the inside.

– All Levels welcome

– Please come with an empty stomach (at least 2,5 hours since eating)

Friday evening Open Class 18:00-19:30 at Jordaan Studio

All Levels Vinyasa Yoga with a philosophical theme based on what is going on in life right now.  Atha Yoganusasanam!

Friday night Kirtan  20:00 Kirtan at Jordaan Studio


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