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Online Men’s Circle – Six Weeks Personal & Group Work

January 14 @ 6:00 pm - February 18 @ 7:30 pm

Hosted on the Ekhart Yoga Academy, I will guide 9 men through a six week journey.

All info here:  https://www.ekhart-academy.com/redefining-masculinity

An overview of the weeks is like this:

Week 1: Introductions, Definitions & Connections

> Our online call will involve us getting to know each other in a facilitated ‘inquiry’ … each man answering a set of questions to the rest and exercising ‘active listening’

> During the week there will be assignments for self-inquiry and reflections from friends / family 

> Some Yoga / movement stuff as well

Week 2: Physical Body Awareness

> Our online call will continue with facilitated inquiry to how each of us relates to our bodies and the impacts on the rest of our lives

> During the week there will be assignments for physical exercise where each man defines his unique edges and works with them

> Yoga & Movement ‘homework’ as well

Week 3: Mental Focus  

> Our online call will have interactive experiences and breakout rooms with questions and inquiry of how to use the intellect as a powerful ally 

> During the week will be meditation practices and ‘memory games’ to cultivate a sharp mind

> Movement practices will be more concentration based

Week 4: Emotional Vulnerability 

> Our online call will be a ‘Circle’ to explore each of our personal limits of vulnerable sharing and how to cultivate trust in various forms of life stories

> During the week will include reflection and connection time to other men in the course as well as interactive ‘challenges’ for family and friends

> Yoga practices for moving energy 

Week 5: Spiritual Connection 

> Our online call will involve group meditation, mantra and experience sharing

> During the week will be meditation practices, opportunities and reminders about the awe of life itself.

> Yoga & Movement focused on full engagement with life itself

Week 6: Integration

> Our online will call be the closing circle to share, integrate and create practices for living a life of purpose, in our unique and appropriate way

> During the week will be reminders and challenges to apply new tools and release old patterns

> Movement practices will be body, mind, emotion & spirit integration


January 14 @ 6:00 pm
February 18 @ 7:30 pm
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