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Project Purpose – A Unique Men’s Experience

21st May 2020 @ 3:00 pm - 24th May 2020 @ 10:00 am




A unique men’s experience where you will be challenged and supported in the cultivation of your Purpose.


We live in a time that is unique in our History. Change is taking place at an unprecedented speed and the shift to social media means our lives are more visible than ever. One challenge this creates is a gap between the way we show up in the world and the way we want to be seen. Said another way, our intention versus how we are seen or received by others.  Although we can not really effect how other people ‘see’ us, we do have control over what we put out to the world.

Living a life of purpose is the way to bridge how we want to be seen and how we are seen in the world.

This weekend is about discovering purpose and using it as a tool to make conscious choices, to act and engage with intention and put out to the world what we want to create.

Through various exercises, practices and the unique process of ‘Circling,’ we will support men in discovering a purpose that reveals a true essence.  Durning this process, you will see yourself in a new way and allow yourself to be seen by others.  You will have an opportunity to connect to your true essence, absent the layers of needing to impress anyone, fulfill someone else’s expectations or play the role you are used to playing.

Project Purpose is designed to support you with these challenges and bring men together with ritual, connection, and depth.

Due to the nature of this program, we are limited to 10 participants. We suggest you register early…



This 4 day program is a full of experiences and long days. You will be engaged in activities throughout The days will be full with little time for anything outside of our sessions, eating and sleeping.  Please come prepared to ‘unplug’ for the weekend.

Given the physical and emotional requirements of the program,it is important you take care of your well-being. All meals will be prepared to supply the nutrition you need at the breaks and there will be enough time every night for sleeping. 

This event is a ‘no intoxicating substances’ weekend.  No alcohol or other recreational drugs are allowed.

Here is a stamp of what the weekend may look like, subject to variations based on the group.

Thursday 21st May
15h: Arrival
16:30: Introductions & Intentions
19h: Dinner
20h: After Dinner Program

Friday & Saturday
7:30 – 9a: Morning Yoga / Movement
9:00 – 10h: Breakfast
10:00 – 13:30: Group Program
14:00 – 16h: Lunch & Siesta
16:00 – 19h: Group Program
19:00 – 20:30: Dinner
21:00 – 22:30: Group Program

Sunday 24th May
8:00 – 9:a: Morning Movement & Juice
9:00 – 11a: Group Program
11:00 – 12:00 Brunch & Good Bye


IS Project purpose FOR you?

Are you ready to take a ‘deeper cut’ at life?

Are you willing to look closely at your conditions, patterns and ways of being to be more honest, open and loving.

Are You searching for a purpose in life?

Do you have a sense of purpose and wish to keep exploring?

Are you ready to interact with other men in a sincere and trusting way?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Project Purpose may be ideal for you. If you are not sure, ask us and we will help you make a good assessment.



We will spend the weekend at a beautiful Mallorcan Finca near Porerres in the South East.

The retreat center has shared bedrooms (2 men per room) with sheets and towels provided.  There is a swimming pool and Yoga space for our group sessions and fully equipped kitchen and dining room.  Meals will be provided throughout the weekend.

There is WiFi, but we ask you to minimize outside contact to only family emergencies.

A car is not necessary for the weekend, we will have all the time together at the Finca.  If you live on the island and come with a car, there is parking on site.



If you come from off island, fly to Palma de Mallorca (PMI)

It is not necessary to rent a car for the whole weekend, we will stay at the center the entire time.  We will help arrange transport with local participants and those coming from abroad.

Please plan to arrive to the Finca no later than 15h on Thursday 21st May

Departure on Sunday 24th is at 11a.



Early Registration:  €765 when paid in full by 1st April, 2020
Full Price:  €825

Included in this price:  Shared Room, All Meals throughout & the Program.
NO TRAVEL is included in this price.



Brian Mendelsohn: An entrepreneur, coach and program developer, Brian has been leading and designing personal development programs for more than twenty years. He is equally as inspiring as confronting which makes sessions with him a valuable and insightful experience.  He has been living his purpose of Unleashing People’s Greatness for many years and has been a positive influence on hundreds of men’s lives.


David Lurey: With 20+ years of Yoga teaching experience and group facilitation, David brings a heartfull approach to transformation and men’s work.  Hi is fulfilling his purpose to Open Consciousness and Vitality through active listening, compassion and pushing edges.



David and Brian provided an incredible inner journey. The techniques combined with yoga and meditation are fascinating. Being able to speak openly about my feelings was liberating and this was only possible thanks to the beautiful link built with the incredible men who participated in this four day journey (which was worth years of experience). Obviously the high point of this experience is to define a purpose based on love and respect. Also important to mention the high quality of accommodation and meals, the chef seemed more a wizard in the kitchen and served us spectacular veggie meals. I am very grateful to have met everyone on this beautiful project.  – Marco B. (SP, Brasil)


Although I have had associations with men’s groups in the past, nothing was more fulfilling than the experience that Project Purpose gave to me.

Brian and David are masters at leading this weekend into the soul of the collective group. Project Purpose is a hyper-focused, intensive weekend retreat, vital to help shape and direct your life. To re-examine old habits, or by inspiring you to keep pushing forward in a specific direction, ultimately, the outcome will make you a better man.

By verbally sharing experiences that have shaped our lives, speaking our truth, listening to others and personally growing from their experiences, being called out when we hide behind our untruths and by peeling away the protections that prevent us from living up to our potential—we are able to become more grounded human beings.

The lessons realized from this experience continue to guide me in my journey and have helped me become a better person, friend, father and husband. I highly recommend the experience and what the brotherhood has brought to my life.

-Drew D (Mallorca)


21st May 2020 @ 3:00 pm
24th May 2020 @ 10:00 am
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Porreres, Mallorca