Gypsy Tears Digital (Download mp3)


Gypsy Tears Make Chantings CD in digital format. Upon completion of the purchase, you will get a link for a .zip file with all the songs in MP3. This is not an actual CD, but the music in digital files for iTunes or any other media player.

This is a compilation CD with David featured on 2 songs. He plays guitar and sings in the ‘response’ choir on the other tracks.


  1. Om Hari Om / Sharanam Ganesha
  2. Jai Ma Durga (feat. Adam Rinder)
  3. Om Namo Lakshmi (feat. Jenny Sauer-Klein)
  4. Samba Sada Shiva (feat. David Lurey)
  5. Rama Bolo (feat. Jenny Sauer-Klein & Jason Nemer)
  6. Om Namah Shivaya (feat. Bonnie Argo)
  7. Om Eim Saraswataye (feat. David Lurey)
  8. Om Namo Amitabaya (feat. Bonnie Argo & Jonny Nobleza)