Find a Friend… Make a soft place on the floor… turn off your phone and follow this Audio Recording of David guiding a 50 minute Thai Massage sequence. This recording is from a recent Yoga & Thai Massage Retreat on Mallorca with Mirjam and David. Trust yourself while giving the massage, listen to the signals of your receiver and enjoy the gift of giving.

As a general overview… the sequence looks like this:

Sequence starts with receiver in PRONE (lying on belly / face downwards)

~Walking on feet
~Around and use Heels on Feet
~Calf walking + Hamstring Walking + Quad stretch (R/L)
~Knees to Gluteal Fold for pressure
~Palming Sacrum + Entire back
~Using receivers feet as a bench to give them backbend
~Down Dog on Sacrum
~Walk on Arms & Hands
~Head Press
~Bring to Childs Pose
~Palming Thigh
~”Motorcycle” walking on receivers back with arms brought backwards